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Consultation 2 - Agree access arrangements for framework models and a single framework to take to the next stage

Consultation: 21 July 2022 to 16 September 2022

Members vote on proposed options: 19 October 2022

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Introduction to Consultation 2


Consultation 2 looks to explore the different methods, systems or criteria that the IFCA might use to manage, limit or control access to a specific management area.

Building on the decisions made in Consultation 1 the wide range of different possible access arrangements or criteria for potential permit or licence holders will be discussed and evaluated within the context of each agreed framework model

At the end of this step of the process the IFCA would agree the final framework model and access arrangements/criteria to develop further and take into the technical development phase


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Access to Consultation 2

Consultation 2 is now closed

It ran from 21 July 2022 to 16 September 2022

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Consultation responses

Two hundred and two questionnaires were emailed or posted to stakeholders

From these fifty nine responses were received which can be seen below

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Oral evidence hearing - individual stakeholder views

Oral evidence hearing - 8 September 2022

As with the previous consultations, stakeholders were given the opportunity to book a 10 minute slot and give filmed evidence to feed into the process.

This evidence was recorded and filmed to allow us to create a true and accurate account of each participants' views and, for those participants who agreed, to allow people not able to attend the session to hear the views expressed by them.

KEIFCA oral evidence panel

Mr John Nichols (Vice Chairman, KEIFCA)

To mirror the written questionnaire that also formed part of the consultation process, the oral evidence panel asked the same 4 questions to each participant. After these questions, there was an opportunity for any further comment from the participant as well as the ability for the panel to ask any follow up questions:

1. Which do you think is the best option and why?

2. Would you like to comment on any of the other options?

3. Do you have any comments regarding the proposed criteria that could be used to evaluate licence applications?

4. Do you have any comments on any of the options put forward in the 2023 KEIFCA Cockle Permit Fishery Questionnaire (Appendix 4) regarding how the future  permit fishery would be set up and run?

KEIFCA Members will consider the evidence provided om this site in conjunction with the results of the written questionnaires when they next meet on 19 October 2022 at Chelmsford Borough Council, Essex




Liam Bates - TECFO

Andrew Rattley - TEFA/TECFO

James Bates - TECFO

Jason Lengden - TECFO

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Meeting papers - 19 October 2022

Members of Kent & Essex IFCA will be meeting at Chelmsford Council offices on 19 October to discuss and vote on the following matters:

1.  Running Consultation 2 and plans for Consultation 3

2.  Agreeing the final framework option

3.  Update in consultation for 2023 cockle permit fishery

The agenda and papers for the meeting can be found below

Members of the public are welcome to attend the public part of the meeting which is likely to begin at 11.30am (although times might vary). Should anyone wish to speak on an agenda item please let the office know either by phone (01843 585310) or email at You will have 2 minutes to speak on each agenda item.

If you are unable to attend the meeting and/or would like to nominate a representative to speak on your behalf please complete the form below "form to nominate a speaker" and get your representative to bring it to the meeting.


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Background reports

In order to best understand the background and requirements of the cockle fishery in the Kent & Essex district, Members are provided with reports to provide them with more information on the matters they will discuss and debate.

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