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Consultation on the proposed process for reviewing and developing future cockle management


Under the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009, Kent & Essex Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority (KEIFCA) has the responsibility to manage the exploitation of sea fisheries resources in our District. In addition, we have a duty to seek to balance the social and economic benefits of exploiting the sea fisheries resources of the district with the need to protect the marine environment from, or promote its recovery from, the exploits of such exploitation.

The Thames estuary sustains some of the largest populations and fisheries of cockles (Cerastoderma edule) in the UK and directly supports jobs and skills in our local communities. The main current management system, the Thames Estuary Cockle Fishery Order1994 is due to end in 2024. We have developed this website to help you to navigate through our review of the current KEIFCA cockle fishery management system and engage in the process of developing future cockle management.

Latest news

Review of UK cockle fishery management report available

Poole Harbour

Kent & Essex IFCA has conducted extensive research into cockle management approaches across the UK. This report looks at four cockle fisheries selected for the different approaches they take to their management

To view the report go to Consultation 1 and click on background reports



Spatial distribution and stock review of cockles in the Kent and Essex ICFA district report available

cockle survey boat

This report collates evidence from surveys, landings and spatial distribution to help inform the future cockle fishery management in the KEIFCA district

To view the report click on Consultation 1 on the timeline and look in Background Reports