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Consultation 4 - reviewing the wording and detail of the management plan in the new Regulating Order

Consultation: 31 March 2023 to 26 May 2023

Members vote on proposed options: 11 July 2023

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Introduction to Consultation 4

This consultation will focus primarily on reviewing the wording and detail of the management plan in the new Regulating Order. As Consultation 4 is focused on the detail of the management plan rather than political or policy decisions, the evidence KEIFCA needs to review will be written and detailed, and so there are no plans to run an oral evidence sessions. As always if stakeholders have questions about the consultation they are more than welcome to speak to the Chief Fishery Officer or the Assistant Chief Fishery Officer.

It is proposed that KEIFCA holds an Authority meeting on 11 July 2023 to review the feedback from Consultation 4 and then agree any detailed changes to the management plan. The agreed management plan would then be passed to DEFRA for a final review before the statutory consultation phase begins in the autumn of 2023. It must however be remembered that it is DEFRA that will draft the legal wording of the Regulating Order, not KEIFCA.

Finally it must be stressed that Consultation 4 is not a re-run of previous consultations as the Authority has already made these decisions. Consultation 4 is to review and agree the detailed wording in the management plan and although any feedback replaying previous arguments will be included in the consultation feedback for Members, it will not be analysed or summarised by officers.


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Access to Consultation 4

Please email completed consultation forms directly to 

If you wish to arrange to speak to either the Chief Officer or Assistant Chief Officer regarding this consultation please ring 01843 585310 to arrange an appointment.



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